Summer at Wisconsin Dells


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Here is a letter from Magnus, a Norwegian boy who spent the summer working in Wisconsin, USA.


My name is Magnus. Last summer I had great fun working as a lifeguard at Wisconsin Dells Waterpark in the USA.

It all started last January when I saw an advertisement for the job. I applied and was called in for interview a couple of weeks later. I was really surprised when they offered me a job!

After I got the job, I had to apply for a work visa. The US embassy in Oslo took my fingerprints and asked me lots of question about why I was going to America and if I planned on coming back. In the end I got my visa. No problem.

I flew to Chicago. It takes ten hours from Norway. Then I took a bus for five hours to Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin. And then I took another bus for one hour to the Wisconsin Dells Waterpark. I was very tired by the time I arrived.

I had three days training before I started work. I worked in deep and in shallow pools. I worked six days a week. I had every Thursday off. The park closed at 8pm every evening and after that all the employees hung out together. We played volleyball, basketball, soccer. Our employers took good care of us. Sometimes they gave us free tacos or pizza.

I also got some time to travel around Wisconsin visiting other Norwegians who were working there. I spent about four months in the USA altogether.

The experience taught me a lot. Now I am more independent and self-confident. I have also learnt a lot about American culture and my English is much, much better. I also made a lot of good friends from all over the world.

It was a really amazing experience. I would definitely recommend it!


Bye for now,



Shortcut activity

Read through Magnus' letter a couple of times. Make notes containing keywords (nøkkelord). Now turn to a partner and tell him or her what Magnus wrote in his letter.