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Bob, the That'll Teach 'Em Careers Officer, won't tell you what job you should do, but he'll try and show you what type of person you are. From that, you can see which areas might suit you best when planning your future career.

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My Future Career


Paula Davidson (17), Portland, the USA

Design and Crafts

Hi, I’m Paula. I’m 17 and live just outside the city of Portland, USA. I study Design and Crafts at a high school here in the city. I study design because I dream of designing my own collection of fashion wear. I don’t know yet what want to do next year. I’d like to start working right away. But I better study a bit more first. My dream is to have my own collection shown on the catwalk. I know it’ll be difficult, but that doesn’t scare me.


Matthew Dott (18), Plymouth, England

Building and Working Site Technology

I’m Matthew from Plymouth, England. I’m going to be a bricklayer. I’m still at school, but right now I’m doing a practical period with a bricklaying company. My father and uncle run the company I’m working for now. I’ve always had work to do here. That’s why I want to be a bricklayer. It’s a fine job, but you have to be strong. I love working outdoors. I never want to work in an office.


Liam Davies (17), Swansea, Wales

Restaurant and Food Trade

Hello, my name’s Liam. I’m 17 years old and live in Swansea, Wales. My dream is to become a butler. There’s something about the style of the job that I like, and I like to wait on and serve people. Becoming a butler takes years of training, and I’ll have to expect long working hours. Nevertheless, I think I will love every single second of it.


Seamus Doherty (17), Cork, Ireland

Electro Trade

How are you? I’m Seamus from Cork in Ireland. I study telecommunications technology here in Cork. My plan is to work for a highly successful firm in the future. I am quite creative, so I believe I’m cut out for such work.


Christine Henderton (17), Christchurch, New Zealand

Technical and Industrial Production

Hi, I’m Christine from Christchurch, New Zealand. I’m learning to become a ship mechanic. I’ve always been interested in engines. I know I’ll be working below deck a lot, in damp and noisy engine rooms, but that’s part of the job. A great side to the job, of course, is that I get to travel the world.


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Satinder Singh Sandhu (17) Calcutta, India

Programme for Service and Transport

I’m seventeen and I live in the big city of Calcutta, India. I go to school. My main subjects are marketing and sales. I also have a part-time job at a call centre. My goal for the future is to work in marketing. That is a very fascinating field. If companies selling a product or service don’t know how to get their message across to the public, they really have no hope of success.


Steve O’Brien (17) Perth, Australia

Programme for Media and Communication

Hi, I’m Steve O’Brien. I’m 17 and live in Perth, Australia. I want to be a newspaper journalist. Journalism has fascinated me ever since I got involved in the school newspaper back in lower secondary. I now take media classes at school, specialising in the written media. What I like best is writing news articles, because you get the kick of being there when it happens.


Julie Hargreaves (17) Montreal, Canada

Programme for Health and Social Care

Hi, I’m Julie Hargreaves from Montreal, Canada. I’m seventeen years old, and I want to be a chiropodist, or to put it in simpler terms: a foot therapist. My job will be to get damaged feet back to a healthy condition. This will make life so much easier for my clients. And I’ll give them advice on how to keep their feet healthy.


Jim Stevens (17) Aberdeen, Scotland

Programme for Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry

Hi everyone, I’m Jim Stevens, aged 17, from Aberdeen, Scotland. Those that become fishermen nowadays have most likely grown up in a family of fishermen, like I have. I was a very young boy when my father took me out to sea in his little trawler “Howie’s Pride” for the first time. It’s a lifestyle. It’s tradition. It’s hard work. If I could change something in this world, I’d make people eat more fish. It’s good for you.




Find the person who ...

a) wants to work with feet

b) wants to specialise in selling things

c) wants to work on a boat, catching fish

d) is creative

e) wants to work on a boat, in the engine room

f) wants to write about news events

g) works with his father and uncle

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