Need I Change My Name?


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Waleed Nagy is a Muslim from Egypt. He lives in Buskerud with his Norwegian wife Trude. And he is wondering if he should change his name to something like Ola Hansen. Why? He thinks Norwegians are scared of giving jobs to Muslims.

Nagy has applied for over a hundred jobs, but nobody has offered him one. He is well qualified and hardworking, and he speaks several languages, including Norwegian, which he speaks well. People have told him that his Norwegian must be perfect if he wants a good job. But how can he learn to speak the language perfectly if he has not got a job to go to?
“Not having a job makes me feel useless,” Nagy says. “But,” he adds, “I will never give up.”
Shortcut activity
The statements which follow are not true. Correct them.

a) Waleed Nagy is married to an Egyptian lady.

b) Norwegians have offered him over a hundred jobs.

c) He is lazy.

d) He speaks Norwegian badly.

e) He has not got a job, but he is happy.

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