Work Ethics


Doing a good job means you must be dependable. You must also show initiative. And you must be able to get along with other people. 

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What does “dependable” mean at a workplace? Well, you must be honest. You must also follow the rules that your company has made. And you must be punctual and accurate at all times.

Workers must show initiative when they face a problem. This means that they must try to solve it, and not look the other way and hope it will go away.

Getting along with other people means a lot of things. We must be able to communicate well with our co-workers. We must treat them fairly and politely. We must be patient with them. And we must be willing to co-operate with them.
Shortcut activity
You are Fred’s boss. Fred is not dependable, he never shows initiative, and he does not get along with other people. You are thinking of firing him, but you are patient. So you tell him what he must do. What would you say to him in the following situations? Start your sentences with “You must . . .”, and then use words from the text.

a) Fred is often late for work.

b) When he has a problem at work, he walks away and makes a cup of coffee.

c) He is friendly to the other men at work, but he calls the women “you silly little girls”.

d) He always works alone, and cannot work with other people.

e) Everyone at Fred’s workplace must wear a helmet, but Fred wears a baseball cap.