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In the 50 years since the seatbelt was invented, it has saved more than one million lives around the world.

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Introduction: Safety at the Workplace

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Every job is dangerous in some way. People who work in offices sometimes work too hard, and their health suffers. For example, they may have high blood pressure and even have heart attacks.

Millions of people who work in factories, on building sites or in the transport industry work in unhealthy conditions. They may suffer because of bad ventilation, dangerous chemicals or noise pollution. If a workplace is not safe, workers can fall and hurt themselves badly. And lots of people are killed or hurt in fires.
Drivers must make sure their trucks are in good condition, and they must not drive if they are tired or stressed. Building workers must take great care in bad weather, and they must make sure they keep their equipment in good condition and use it correctly. If you work with machines, do not wear loose clothing, and if you have long hair, keep it away from the moving parts of the machine.
We do everything possible to prevent accidents. Governments make laws about safety. Factories have safety equipment like guard rails. And workers use special clothing like strong gloves and protective footwear. There are special techniques for jobs like lifting heavy loads and working at computers. Finally, use your head! Keep your workplace clean and tidy, use the right tools, be careful with electricity, read instructions, and take a break when you feel tired. And if you are not sure about something – ask someone who knows.
Shortcut activities
a) Find examples of these in the text:
  1. illnesses
  2. workplaces
  3. unhealthy working conditions
  4. things which are dangerous if you work with a machine
  5. industrial clothing
b) Match the English expressions with the Norwegian ones which mean the same:
  1. helse                                      a. safety
  2. fabrikk                                    b. tidy
  3. støyforurensing                    c. sure
  4. utstyr                                      d. protective footwear
  5. sikkerhet                               e. noise pollution
  6. vernesko                               f. health
  7. ryddig                                    g. equipment
  8. sikker                                     h. Factory