Buying presents

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Christmas is coming and you want to get some of your shopping done before the rush starts. Here is the list of people you have to buy presents for:

Great Aunt Enid (75 years old)
Uncle Alan (40 years old)
Trey and Chad (3-year-old twin cousins)
Cecilia (15-year-old sister)
Maxy (your dog)
Mr Smith (your teacher)
Study the advertisements below. Choose which gift you want to buy for each person on your list. Explain why you have made this choice.


Set of golf-clubs, hardly used. Bag included. Bargain price: £100
Mountain-bike, pink. 5 gears. Lady’s model. Needs some work. £30
Pram, 5 years old. Been used by two children, but in good condition. £40
Wooden train set, handmade in own workshop. Beautifully painted. Comes with track, engine and carriages. A perfect gift £80

Shiny Faces Beauty Salon has gift certificates for £10, £20 and £40. The perfect gift for the woman in your life!
Michael Jackson record collection, good condition. Collector’s item. £200
Pot plants for sale. Grown in own greenhouse. Come with a selection of attractive pots. Also a selection of small fountains and statues for the garden. Come and see. Open from 9am to 5pm Monday – Saturday. Coffee shop on site.
Dog kennel. Wooden outdoor kennel with roof. For medium-sized dog. Hardly used. £35
Go-cart. Suitable for a small child. A lot of fun! Make an offer.
Two tickets to the ballet. Unfortunately we can’t use our tickets. Good seats. On sale for half-price. £24
Fur-coat. Real fox, from 1920s. Beautifully made, but needs cleaning. £75
Dog-walking service. Two teenaged girls looking for work walking dogs in the afternoons. Both experienced with animals. £10 per hour.
Children’s books. Box-sets of classic children’s books. Shop closing down and everything must go. Many incredible bargains. Ring 0208 3487231 for details.