Programme titles

Yrkesfaglige utdanningsprogrammer = Vocational Education Programmes
Teknikk og industriell produksjon = Programme for Technical and Industrial Production
Elektrofag = Programme for Electricity and Electronics
Bygg- og anleggsteknikk = Programme for Building and Construction
Restaurant- og matfag = Programme for Restaurant and Food Processing
Helse- og sosialfag = Programme for Health and Social Care
Medier og kommunikasjon = Programme for Media and Communication
Naturbruk = Programme for Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry
Service og samferdsel = Programme for Service and Transport
Design- og håndverksfag = Programme for Design, Arts and Crafts


Chapter 6: Work Matters

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In Chapter Six we turn our attention to the world of work. We will take a look at some serious issues that you will meet when you join the work force – discrimination, work ethics and health and safety. These topics will really give you food for thought.

We will also look at some future careers and meet young people from around the world who are busy planning their future.