Paul, a young English boy, has just seen his first Bollywood film and has sent his cousin Ann an email about the experience. Unfortunately some of the words are missing from his email. Can you help Ann understand the email by filling them in the correct spaces?


partnership several diving gripping disguise drop strange thief Hindi escaping Cinema recommend robbery few queen should fail leaves film week subtitles tell

Hi Ann!

Just wanted to you a line about this great I saw last night. It was called Dhoom 2. It was in , but there were . Anyway, the plot was so that I stopped noticing it was in a language after the first minutes.

The plot is about a master known only as Mr. A  because he an 'A' symbol after each . Mr. A steals the English crown by sky onto a train, disguising himself as the , stealing the crown, and . The police try to catch him times, but they always . Then he meets a girl, Sunehri, and they go into . But she is really a police officer in .

Anyway, I don't want to you any more because I think you go and see it yourself. I really you get down to the Tonic before it is taken off next ! Take all your friends!

See ya, Paul