1d Suggestions for English expressions (p. 177)

Here is a version of the text using more common English expressions. The changed expressions are underlined. Maybe you can think of other expressions that could be used here as well?


Peter came home, very out of breath.

Catherine: What has happened? Are you well?

Peter: I'm fine. I had to walk home from town. I was at the off-licence buying some wine for my parents, and I used up all my money. I was too broke to the the bus home.

Catherine: What other things did you buy?

Peter: I bought my mother some perfume. It really smells good.

Catherine: That sounds like something she'd like. What else?

Peter: A book about Jens Stoltenberg and the Norwegian parliament. It was on offer.

Catherine: She hates politics. It's a completer non-starter. We can't give it to her. We will have to return it. We can borrow dad's car to go back to the shop.

Peter: No, we can't. There is a problem with the steering wheel and the gears. It isn't safe to drive the car. We will have to take the bus.

Catherine: Ok. Hurry up. We need to get a move on. The bus goes in five minutes.

Peter: Well, ok. I have a date tonight I need to get ready for. I have liked Jessica for a long time.

Catherine: You just like her because you have heard she puts out.

Peter: That's not true.

Catherine: Well, I'm staying in. I am a guinea-pig for a science project we have at school.

Peter: I don't think you should be taking part in that project. There is something dodgy about it.