Syllabus for English Vg1/Vg2

Competence objectives following Vg1 (first year of upper secondary education) academic specialization education programme

Competence objectives following Vg2 (second year of upper secondary education) vocational education programme

Language learning

The objective of the education is that the pupil shall be able to

• use and assess various situations, strategies and work methods for learning English

• discuss similarities and differences between English and other foreign languages and use this knowledge when learning English

• use relevant and precise terminology to describe the forms and structures of the language

• describe and assess personal one's own progress in learning English

• use a broad range of digital and other learning aids, including monolingual dictionaries, in an independent manner


The objective of the education is that the pupil shall be able to

• master a wide vocabulary

• use the forms and structures of the language in oral and written presentations

• understand long written and oral presentations on various personal, literary, interdisciplinary and social topics

• extract essential information from oral and written texts and discuss the views and attitudes of the author

• express herself/himself in writing and verbally in a style and with nuances that are appropriate to the situation, with flow, precision and cohesion

• choose appropriate listening, speaking, reading and writing strategies that are suitable for the purpose, situation and genre

• take the initiative to start, conclude and keep a conversation going

• read formal and informal texts from various genres and with different purposes

• write formal and informal texts with good structure and cohesion on personal, interdisciplinary and social topics

• choose and use content from various sources in an independent, critical and responsible manner

• use technical and mathematical information in communication

• produce texts with complex content in digital media

• choose an interdisciplinary topic for in-depth studies from his/her particular education programme (formerly area of study) and present this

Culture, society and literature

The objective of the education is that the pupil shall be able to

• discuss social conditions, societal issues and values of different cultures in a number of English-speaking countries

• present and discuss international news and events

• explain the main features of the development of English from an Anglo-Saxon language into an international world language

• analyse and discuss a film and a representative selection of English literary texts from the genres poetry, short-story, novel and drama

• discuss a selection of English literary texts from various regions of the world and various epochs from the 1500s up to the present

• discuss literature by and about indigenous people in the English-speaking world

• prepare and assess his or her own oral or written texts inspired by literature and art