Jeopardy (chapters 1-6)

Jeopardy is based on themes and texts from the entire book.


We have five categories with five answers in each category. It is possible to obtain 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 points respectively. Divide the class into groups and write the categories on the blackboard. The students choose a category and e.g. 200 points, and the teacher reads the ‘answer’. The first group to raise their hands and phrase a question correctly gets the points. In competitive classes it might be a good idea to appoint someone to decide who raised their hand first.

The students are expected to phrase correct questions to the following answers:



200: The author of Romeo and Juliet.
400: What we call a fictional person in literature.
600: Where and when the action in a short story, novel or film takes place.
800: The series of events that make up the action in a novel or play.
1000: A famous Scottish poet.

Global English

200: This country has 11 official languages.
400: The 2008 Olympics are held here.
600: New Zealand's national rugby team.
800: The capital of Mongolia.
1000: Blackfoot, Sioux and Apache.


200: Mount Cook.
400: The largest city in Canada.
600: The currency in Jamaica.
800: Younge Street.
1000: Can occur in tropical climates and can cause great damage due to high winds.

Work Matters

200: Someone in training for a trade certificate.
400: This person helps students in American high schools find out what career they want.
600: This country has had great economic growth in recent times.
800: The bird in the story «Landing in the North».
1000: These are unwritten rules for how employees should do their job.

English in the Media

200: Small box which broadcasts sound.
400: He first appeared on TV in 1954.
600: 54% of them have a TV in their bedroom.
800: Miss World in 1995 and a famous Indian actress.
1000: Janet Jackson caused a sensation at this event when her top fell off.


Possible answers: Jeopardy

The questions given in answer can be phrased differently to the suggestions given below. It is up to the teacher to decide if the answer is correct or not.

200: Who is William Shakespeare?
400: What is a character?
600: What is setting?
800: What is plot?
1000: Who is Robert Burns?
Global English
200: What is South Africa?
400: What is Beijing?
600: Who are the All Blacks?
800: What is Ulan Bator?
1000: What are some North American Indian tribes?
200: What is New Zealand's highest mountain?
400: What is Toronto?
600: What is the Jamaican dollar?
800: What is the longest street in the world?
1000: What are hurricanes?
Work Matters
200: What is an apprentice?
400: What is a guidance counselor?
600: What is Ireland?
800: What is a warbler?
1000: What are work ethics?
English in the Media
200: What is a radio?
400: Who is Elvis Presley?
600: Who are American teens?
800: Who is Aishwariya Rai?
1000: What is the 2004 Superbowl?